Union Station, Toronto

Union Station from the Royal York Hotel, Toronto

The Royal York Hotel in Toronto is a glorious remnant of grander times. The lobby is decked with fabulous chandeliers, the Library Bar provides that old world, dark-shadowed leather-padded comfort perfect for sipping cocktails all named after writers. There was a Mojito for Hemingway, a gin, lime and cucumber for Scott-Fitzgerald and a  concoction with strawberry jelly spheres, orange juice and Grand Marnier called “Breakfast of Champions” for Kurt Vonnegut. My room was on the third floor facing onto Front Street with expansive views over Union Station and the high rise blocks down toward the lake. After numerous “jumpers” the hotel has decided to restrict the opening of all windows to 4 inches, making photographing somewhat challenging. I managed to push my telephoto lens through the gap to capture these views of the re-development of Union Station in the evening light, the newly-coppered roof-lights glowing softly against the honey coloured stone, set off by the garish blue of the blue lining of the new roof.

Union Station, Toronto

Union Station, Toronto

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