Light Pollution

Sleeping on a blow-up bed in the study for a couple of nights I awoke in the dark to this cheerful scene. The blue and green of the answering machine and the broadband router glowing away in contrast to the softer, warmer light of the sodium street-lamp, casting soft shadows of delicate foliage outside the window and wooden slatted blinds on the inside. In a sleepy fumble and with blurry vision, guessing at camera settings, I tried to hold the camera steady for the long exposures but I think I like the inevitable soft-focus result.

Light Pollution

One thought on “Light Pollution

  1. Nice work, Sally. A couple of days ago late sunlight and tree reflections made a photograph on our wall come to life. It was a photo with lots of movement anyway, so it really danced.

    Another thing your picture brought up, is how WiFi dances on around us whilst we sleep. I have been reading about the scary side of that.

    Good wishes x

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